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Perimeter Insulation

EPS has proven itself the perfect insulation for use in below-grade applications. With the ability to manufacture EPS in compressive strengths up to 50 psi, you can be assured that the EPS insulation will perform as required.

EPS is able to withstand the abuse of temperature cycling, assuring long-term performance. EPS does not absorb appreciable moisture. Even under extreme conditions, EPS insulation retains between 95% and 97% of its thermal efficiency and has little to no effect on its physical properties.

Check out the technical bulletin below that has been published about a real life 15 year study that compares EPS (white board) and the XPS (blue board). It's an amazing find, tell all your friends.

pdf EPS below grade 103

Did you know? That in 2008 a study that was conducted over 15 years in real world conditions shows that 1# Expanded Polystyrene retains 94% of its R-value, while 1.6# Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) looses 48% of its R-value.